As you can see if you explore the rest of my website, I’m a writer and editor. I’ve published four books, and have written several others that I haven’t published (yet). I am currently working on one that I plan to publish in 2020. I’ve also written many smaller pieces that have been published, both personal and professional.

I also have 25 years experience carrying out editing as part of my professional work as an academic librarian (books for publishers, articles for peer-reviewed journals), as well as for individuals in my work as a full-time freelance editor. I’ve also served on the editorial boards for academic journals (and am on one currently) and have been the chief editor of two professional magazines. If you are interested in checking out the details, please see my résumé or list of publication credits.

I have both a BA(Hons) and an MA in English.

My editing experience has been much beyond simply academic texts. I’ve edited novels, non-fiction books for publishers on a wide range of topics, booklets, letters, articles, and much more.

My main aim is always to help you produce clear, clean, and simple writing, arranged in the best flow and with the right words, so that the reader never pauses at a puzzlement or gets lost in jargon and poor organization.

I am a member of Editors Canada: check out my (brief) profile here.

Email me any time at, or call or text me at 613-884-8953.

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