2,000th Movie Watched

In December 1996, not long after I’d moved to Boston (actually, Somerville, MA), I started keeping track of and ranking all the movies I see. The first one, which I saw at the Kendall Square Cinema, was Breaking the Waves. The 2,000th one, which I watched at home in Kingston, ON, on New Year’s Eve 2010, was Die, Monster, Die!, which is also the first movie that I have a memory of seeing in any cinema: it was at the old Regent theatre in Corner Brook, NL, likely in the mid- or late 1960s.

I hadn’t remembered much of Die, Monster, Die!, apart from the details of a disfigured white face going red with blood, and a figure appearing outside a window on a rainy night. Both those details are in Die, Monster, Die!, but apart from that I hadn’t remembered pretty much anything else about the movie.