I’ve done two podcasts and am currently producing a third one. They are all available wherever you subscribe to podcasts—or you can use the appropriate link below.

In this podcast I talk about various aspects of the book I am writing, My Sam Johnson: A Biography for the General Reader.

Book site here. Podcast site here.

30 episodes, April–October 2021

In this podcast, I narrate the story of Albert, whose one night in a strip club led to discovering the underworld of sex work, and a year later trying to resist the urge for more while he was by then $50,000 in debt. My Sex Year not only details one man’s experience with paying for sexual services, but also shows how prevalent sex work is in our society, and often in venues and involving people that you would never imagine.

Podcast site here. Glossary of the language of sex work here.

10 episodes, September–October 2021

In this podcast I read my novel The Killing Type, which I self-published in 2015.

Book site here. Podcast site here.

1st episode, November 2021