Other Podcasts

In this podcast I read my novel The Killing Type, which I published in 2015.

Book site here. Podcast site here.

25 episodes (26 chapters), November–December 2021

In this podcast I talk about various aspects of the book I’ve written—My Sam Johnson: A Biography for the General Reader—published October 24, 2023.

Book site here. Podcast site here.

30 episodes, April–October 2021; revived July 2023

I revisited my novel Will’s Dead Wife, which I’d published in 2012, reading it aloud and commenting on the chapters—all on Substack. The idea was to revise it, partly based on subscribers’ comments but mostly on my own assessment, with a view to publishing a revised version. I stopped, though, because I wasn’t happy with the writing.

October–December 2022