List of My Least Favourite Standup Comedians

Worst of the Worst

Jim Breuer

Carrot Top

Bill Engvall

Mick Foley

Jeff Foxworthy


Gabriel Iglesias

Ron James

Larry the Cable Guy

Carlos Mencia

Iliza Shlesinger

Ron White

Overrated (and Often Pretty Bad)

Roseanne Barr

Todd Barry

Mike Birbiglia

Lewis Black

Hannibal Buress

Bill Burr

Brent Butt

Dave Chappelle

Dane Cook

Lavell Crawford

Pete Davidson

Jeff Dunham

Bridget Everett

Todd Glass

Whoopi Goldberg

Gilbert Gottfried

Tiffany Haddish

Mitch Hedberg

Pete Holmes

Leslie Jones

Artie Lang

Mike MacDonald

Norm Macdonald

Demetri Martin

Ralphie May

Dennis Miller

Tracy Morgan

Russell Peters

Paula Poundstone

Adam Sandler

Wanda Sykes

Theo Von

Katt Williams

John Wing

Michelle Wolf